Monti Kelly Tarot Reading

Why an Intuitive Tarot Reading is Right for You…

A great tarot reading provides guidance  to help you on your journey.

Tarot readings are more than just a “reading” with Monti. Her clients describe them as a personal intuitive counseling session.  Monti’s readings allow the space you need to find and choose your own path; to gain wisdom and use this for personal guidance you as you move forward on your journey. What’s more is Monti’s style of reading Tarot captivates her clients as she walks you through information about your personal life.

While you may be seeking answers to concerns or questions on Love, Money, Health, Career or Partnerships a Tarot reading can help. Monti is able to provide you with helpful, sensible and practical advice you can use today. She brings an accurate and sometimes hard truth to your present situations through the Tarot and her intuition.

In conclusion, the work Monti does is not fortune telling; it’s her goal is to expose options and counsel you towards greater insight and achievements. By guiding your Tarot reading, she is able to help you seek out purpose and relevance to what is occurring in your life. During each session Monti will combine their reading with life coaching to help her clients seek, set and achieve healthy fulfilling goals. What are most clients saying after their reading…

“We walk away feeling filled with hope and reassurance of our paths as well as our decisions.”


More about Monti and her style of Tarot reading.

Monti has a consultative approach which allows her to relate well to all different types of people and professionals. She engages each client’s reading with compassion, a down-to-earth attitude, a diverse perspective and offers positive options. She has the ability to create a trusting environment for you when you’re seeking personal answers.  Monti combines the Tarot cards, along with messages from her spiritual guide and life coaching.  Monti and her guide sometimes offer hard truths, opportunities to change, and always a twist of humor.  Monti brings tons of energy, fun, and surprises to each session.  Read more…

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