10 Minute Challenge for our Body, Mind and Soul

10 Minute Challenge

Challenge yourself to find time for self-care!

Our lives do not get better by chance, we need to challenge ourselves to invest the effort, time and energy into making change.  Our survival instinct will ensure we provide the necessary items to live; however so many of us forget that nurturing ourselves with self-care can be a blissful responsibility and we can accomplish much with a little bit of time.  I challenge you to invest into your self and claim the rewards.

STEP 1:  5 Minutes writing in a journal.

WRITE!!!  Even if you spend that time writing “I don’t want to do this”.  Set a timer, find a quiet spot and journal.  Don’t worry about finding something deep to write about, it can be anything, even if you are just organizing your thoughts for the day.  You are creating a habit and finding time to dedicate for yourself.  That is the important part to focus on in the beginning.  Once we are in the habit of writing, we will naturally start releasing our thoughts, emotions and other things that need releasing.  You will find your pen naturally flowing along the paper.

STEP 2:  2 Minutes being a Plant.

That’s right… I said be a Plant!!!

  • Get outside and enjoy the sun! We all know Plants need sunlight and sunlight does a human body good.  There lots of medical studies that show sunlight helps us get a natural dose of Vitamin D, relieves aches and pains, boosts fertility, prevents cavities, provides us with energy, boosts our immune system and more.
  • Next drink more water! We all know our plants need watering or they wither away and we need to stay hydrated to be healthy.   There are so many benefits to drinking water, that I am not going to list them… Google it 😀
  • Finally ground yourself.  All plants need to be rooted in Earth to be strong, stable and healthy.  And yes, we too need to be rooted and connected to the Earth. Place your feet on the Earth, root and connect yourself through the ground. It’s best if you are bare foot.

STEP 3:  3 Minutes breathing.

BREATHE!!! Our breath is wholly interconnected to our body, mind and spirit / soul.   Think about it… When our breath is calm, we are calm, and when our breath is agitated or strained it automatically affects our breathing.  When we feel exhausted, we give a heavy sigh or draw in a large breath with a yawn.  Being excited or feeling energized we are inhaling greater.  We also draw in a quick breath when we are surprised, shocked, or feeling scared, and the forceful exhalation when angry, being stubborn or annoyed.  By sitting with our eyes closed and letting our mind become peaceful, and experiencing calm movements of our breath we enter into the eternal Witness Consciousness.  We start with awareness of our personal physical breath, but that awareness, when nurtured over time, leads us into higher awareness of our own Spirit-Self.

  • To begin, sit still and tall somewhere comfortable. Close your eyes and being breathing through your nose.
  • Then, inhale for a count of three… hold the breath in for a count of three… exhale gently, counting out for five… Keep your breathing even and smooth.  If the breath count feels too short try increasing the counts by one.

TAKE 10 MINUTES. You can do it, you deserve it and you need it!

Remember you honor your family and friends that surround you with love and quality time; it is also important to share that amazing love with ourselves. Treat yourself with that honor and love!