Create a Healing Garden

Spring is here and the time is upon us to start planting our gardens.  This year why not add a spiritual and healing element to your garden?  Allow a part of your garden to aid in healing, forgiveness and encourage a space for love to grow.  Whether you are blessed to have outdoor garden, or have a potted flower garden that brings cheer or it’s house plants as your garden.  These are all perfect places to start a Healing Garden for yourself.

Often when we struggle with matters of the heart, it is about an invisible hurt that we feel, but it goes unseen.  Your heart holds the transcript and you are the only one that has access to read its contents or feel its wound upon your heart.   I am sure we have all received the same advice when we share an old hurt or wound, they say “Give it God” or “You need to let that go” and we are left to our own to struggle how to do this.  Not all of us are capable of sharing our deep dark fears with others, counselors, or have the time to research for ourselves a healing path.  Sometimes we need help or need to see our efforts physically manifest before us.

The first step in change you often hear is admittance.  Admit you need help or there are things that you are struggling to release from your heart.  Once you have acknowledged these things, we can start to move forward.  GI Joe said “Knowing is half the battle” and once we have that knowledge we can now move on to the second half which is taking action.  However, most of us are extremely impatient with ourselves and set ridiculous expectations of change over-night.  A Healing Garden offers a simple way to remind us that it takes time for things to grow.  No matter the shape your growth may take: a space for love, forgiveness, healing, warmth, inspiration, peace, and/or relationships, let the plant symbolize healthy and steady growth within you.

Below you will find a simple ritual I have created for a Healing Garden.  It is a quick and easy and helps release any type of angst we may carry within our hearts (sadness, fear, regret). I wrote this ritual so it will only take an extra few minutes while you are planting as well as little prep time.  As always I was inspired by the many beautiful people of the universe I am blessed to work with and by my own personal journey.  I wish you good luck and hope your garden brings new growth and healing within you.  ~ Monti

Necessary Tools

  • Basic Garden supplies (pots/dirt/seeds/flowers/etc)
  • Paper and Pen
  • 15 minutes of alone time

Healing Garden Ritual

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit with your pen and paper.  You should try to spend at least 15 minutes for Step #2.
  2. Write down key words, phrases, or even draw if you like the things that are burdening your heart.  The things that are hindering healing, stunting change or personal growth, and/or blocking love and peace within.
  3. Next, prepare your planting area with whatever items you need (seeds, shovel, pots, dirt, plants/flowers, etc.).  You will need to personalize this step to your type of garden, either outdoors, pots or a new house plant.
  4. We are now going to set the energy for the Healing Garden. Repeat the Healing Garden Chant three times while you visualize the space for your new plant(s).

Today I give back to Mother Earth;
That what does not represent what I am worth.
Under the ground and beneath the dirt;
I bury fear, negativity and hurt.
From the dark new life begins to show;
A symbol for change, love and peace to grow.

  1. Then take your slips/sheets of paper and tear them to bits. Use this time to imagine you are literally destroying these burdens and releasing them from your life.
  2. Place the torn pieces in the bottom of your pot and/or the bottom of the holes for your outdoor planting.
  3. Next you need to bury give the paper. Visualize yourself giving this to Mother Earth or God and you are releasing negative energy to be renewed by growth and life.
  4. Once you have a base of dirt, you can then plant your seeds on top or transplant a seedling. You should always follow the instructions for your plant (on packaging) to ensure its healthy growth.
  5. And finally, be patient and enjoy your garden!  Remember all things take time, growth, healing, forgiveness, have patience with your new seedling as well as with yourself.