Why a House Blessing is Right for Your Home…

Choosing our home is one of the most important investments we make in our lives.

Our journey to have a healthy and happy environment begins with intentions to honor the investment we make in our homes. As with any investment we look to 1) ensure it has energy that is positive and flowing.  2) We are nurturing this investment for future return and 3) we are actively seeking to protect it.    We all want our homes to exude comfort, radiate love and feel like a positive place to be.   Blessing our homes is a tremendous way to create and manifest positive energies to be felt by all who dwell within and may enter.

House BlessingAs we take great care in choosing our home, we should take the same care when selecting a Spiritual person to enter your home, bless, and clear energies within.  Reno LongMoons is a Sr. Elite Spiritualist with the MagickalDawn.com team. She specializes in house blessings and/or clearings of your home.

Reno LongMoons has been blessed with many gifts by Spirit and she is able to invigorate positive energy within a home and communicate and cleanse any imprinted energy or outside energies within your space(s).  Reno has a life time of experience with over 30 years as an Energy Worker.  Her wisdom brings comfort to her clients as she has 12 years of professional experience blessing and clearing houses.  Clients describe working with her as feeling immediately safe and within a trusted space. Reno truly shows why she is our Sr. Elite Spiritualist as she guides you through these special ceremonies.

House Blessing
MagickalDawn.com offers two types of services for your home. You may choose to have a House Blessing or you may feel the need to have House Clearing. Both of these services are designed to shift the energy in your home to welcome and create more loving positive energies. To read more about what the difference is between a House Blessing versus a House Clearing click here…

What should you expect during a house blessing or clearing?

Your house blessing or clearing ceremony can be very interactive experience for you as an individual or your entire family. Each ceremony is unique and the choice is always up to the owner of the home on who will or will not participate.  You can expect to find no two experiences are the same (even if the home is the same). The dynamics of the home owner, history of the house, and the location will all play a large part in the home’s ceremony; hence making each experience different from the last.

On average the ceremony will take one and a half hours depending on size of the space and who all may be participating.  Most often, blessings or clearings are held on the weekend to ensure any additional time needed is available.  Do not worry though, you will not be charged for additional time.  Reno understands your home is unique. With each individual experience she honors, respects, and dedicates what is needed (including time).  To talk to Reno about your home  schedule a free consultation.

What does Reno bring?

You may expect Reno to bring a variety of tools to each blessing or clearing. One of the first steps you will see her do is mixing a Sacred Herb blends.  This is a tool used in the smudging ceremony. Reno’s Sacred Herb fusion consists of tobacco, lavender, corn meal and other offerings for Spirit.

House Blessing CrystalsSacred Stones are also an integral tool of each blessing/clearing.  These Sacred Stones are used to create a temporary medicine wheel in the heart of the home for the purpose of grounding and understanding as Reno is directed by Spirit.  You may see other items used like drums, rattles, additional blessed items, or spiritual artifacts.

Where does Reno go? What does she say?

Reno will walk through of the home allowing Spirit to direct her to the area of greatest need.  She will continue to move throughout the remaining areas. Often Spirit will bring messages for the family and/or individual(s). These messages may include what additional energies, types of things that are occurring.  Reno will work through those messages and help interpret with you the purpose for healing or how to put into place positive reinforcement.

What happens next?

Those participating in the House Blessing make experience the invocation of positive memories.  They may also have foreign aromas within the home.  It is known that the scent of the sage or other herbs can  remind us of a specific memory or loved one.  As this is an energetic happening, it is important for all that are participating drink lots of water during and after a clearing / blessing.  It is very important to stay balanced when involved in any energy work or transference.

House Blessing Light

Does my home need a Blessing or a Clearing?

Blessing or clearing our homes is a tremendous way to create and manifest positive energies. Our home should exude comfort and radiate love.  We offer a simple way for you to find out what might is the right choice for your home; a House Blessing or House Clearing?  There are big differences between the two even though the end result is the same. Take a few minutes to review our Checklist for a Spiritually & Energetically Healthy Home to find out which of the two services  best meets your needs.

How much does it cost?

Is it possible to put a price on what a happy healthy home does for us or our happiness? We at MagickalDawn.com believe it’s impossible to put a price on happiness, but we can offer a reasonable price on our home  blessing or clearing ceremonies.  We offer standard pricing that will cover most home spaces.  There is also a  customized quote if you have special needs,  an office or business environment, and/or just an out of the ordinary space.   Click here for rate information…

House Blessing