House Blessing versus House Clearing

What is the difference?

 House Clearing

House clearings would represent the other side of the balancing scale and are the opportunity to remove negative energy from our homes.  All of life’s experiences offer both good and bad moments. The energy of negative experiences sometimes lingers and in some cases has been imprinted from the past.  Retaining the this energy in our house can become overwhelming and demotivating to all that are living within. Reno assists with clearing those energies and disperses them through Spirit.  She is able to bring forward a renewal of positive energy and lifting any dark cloud over the home. Reno’s strong connection with Spirit and her warm protective light leaves the home more welcoming and it has been cleansed. Life has a myriad of events and sometimes our homes have extraordinary histories that Reno is able to assist in clearing those energies.

We should not live with fear or feel uncomfortable in our own homes.  It’s unfortunate our general reference for negative energies sends our minds to Hollywood and images of “ghost movies”.  We need to not let our minds get the best of us, most unusual occurrences can be explained, however it is important we do not rely on movies or TV for reference material.  It is important to understand that a House Clearing is by no means anything like you have seen in movies.  Hollywood or the media tend to sensationalize negativity and to create fear for purposes to entertain an audience.

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House Blessing

Very simply put a house blessings are the opportunity to bring positive energy into your home.  Having your home blessed is a tremendous way to create and manifest all types of positive energies.


Should I get my home blessed or cleared?