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 House Ceremony Rates

Home Ceremony

Is it possible to put a price on what a happy healthy home does for us or our happiness? We at believe it’s impossible to put a price on happiness, but we can offer a reasonable price on our home  blessing or clearing ceremony.   We offer standard pricing that will cover most home spaces.  There is also a  customized quote if you have special needs,  an office or business environment, and/or just an out of the ordinary space.  There is no price difference in a house blessing versus a house clearing.

House Blessing / Clearing Rates:

  • Standard Ceremony – $250*
  • Large Ceremony – $350*
  • Office Environment, Place of Business, or Other – $ Quote
  • It’s out of the ordinary – $ Quote

* The Travel Rate is an additional fee to the ceremony rate.  Travel rates may vary given the distance of the location from Northglenn, CO. (see below)

Standard House Blessing or Clearing considers the “standard” or “average” home size to range and therefore the Standard Ceremony Rate will be issued for any home less than 3,000 square feet.  The blessing or clearing ceremony would include your main floor living space, a split-level or second level with bedroom(s), bathroom(s), and/or recreational space.  For ranch-style homes, with no split or 2nd floor, may use a basement in place of the additional level above ground. Attached 2 car garages are considered part of the home and included in the rates above.

Large House Blessing or Clearing

The Large and Standard Ceremonies are basically the same.  There is the difference of square footage which may affect the time involvement, but the space coverage is the same as the Standard Ceremony.  There is an addition of 2 garage spaces included, increasing the number from 2 to 4 car attached garage.  A “large” home would be considered any home home 3,000-5,000 square feet.  If your home is larger than 5,000 square feet, please click here use our personalized quote.


What if my circumstances are unique?

No problem!  We recognize every home is unique by it’s occupants, location, size, and spiritual needs.  Maybe you have an abundance of outdoor space, or high spirit activity in a concentrated area.  Or maybe your situation is completely different, no matter, please contact Reno LongMoons for a personal free consultation and submit a request for a personalized quote.

What if I have additional space that needs to be included in the ceremony?

Do not worry if your home has additional space that is not covered under our Ceremony Rates. offers discounted pricing for adding these options to your ceremony.  Please see below for pricing on additional spaces such as you home’s basement, third floor, attic, or yard (up-to 1/2 acre of land).  Pricing will vary for additional space for a standard and large spaces due to time and size requirements.

Is it possible for additional spaces be part of the ceremony with no extra costs?

Possibly, as every home is unique by location, size, and needs we highly suggest you contact Reno LongMoons for a personal free consultation.  We cannot guarantee additional spaces may be included at no extra costs, but there are circumstances where they do meet certain requirements and may be included in the ceremony rate.


House Blessing Ceremony

Additional Space / Areas Rates**

  • Additional Indoor Space – Standard Ceremony – $25 per space
  • Additional Indoor Space – Large Ceremony – $35 per space
  • Additional Outdoor Building – $30 per building
  • Additional Outdoor Space – $20 per ½ acre

** Additional space/area rates are only available with purchase of ceremony.

Travel Rates

  • Standard Travel Fee – $10
  • More than 10 miles from Northglenn, CO 80234 – $20 Travel Fee
  • More than 20 miles from Northglenn, CO 80234 – $35 Travel Fee
  • More than 50 miles from Northglenn, CO 80234 – $50*** Travel Fee

*** Locations that are more than 50 miles from Northglenn may be subject to additional fees above the regular $50 travel charge.

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