Checklist – Spiritually & Energetically Healthy Home

Is my home healthy on a spiritual and energetic level?

Reno LongMoons has compiled a quick checklist for a Spiritually and Energetically Healthy Home.  This checklist is a easy way for us to determine what is happening with our home’s spiritual energy.


As we seek to honor and nurture our investment in our homes, both financially and personally, its a great reference to ensure your sacred safe place has its energy is positive and flowing.

We all want our homes to exude comfort, radiate love and feel like a positive place to be.   Recognizing and honoring our home’s energetic connection to us is a tremendous way to create and manifest positive energies to be felt by all who dwell within and may enter.

Does my home need a Blessing or a Clearing?

Unsure what might be right choice for your home?   There is a difference between the two. Take a few minutes to read our Checklist for a Spiritually and Energetically Healthy Home.  Simply answer Yes or No to which may be most similar to your situation.

·  You have recently rented, purchased or built a new home and have or will be moving in.

·  You are looking to add an energy of a significant other, room-mate, and/or new pets.

·  You have created new rooms/spaces or an addition was added.

·  You are seeking to enhance, create and manifest positive energy in your home.


  ·  Out of the ordinary occurrences, such as: pictures falling, electronic anomalies, lost items, unusual temperature changes, and others…

·  Orbs, mists or lights of unexplained nature.

·  An abnormal feeling or presence of heavy and/or negative energy.

·  You or someone in your home has experienced a trauma that lingers.


Did you answer yes to any of the statements above? If so, we encourage you to schedule a FREE consultation to discuss your personal situation with one of our Sr. Elite Spiritualist on the Magickal Dawn’s team.  We often are aware of the effects and changes in our energy, however seldom look at how changes in our lives affect our home.

Accept our gift of a free consultation for your home.

Why not take advantage of support, wisdom and instant help from an Elite Spiritual Worker? Reno LongMoons prides herself with sharing her gift to help others and she will give the you the best options for you and all those in your home.  She truly loves being able to offer this free service as one phone call could provide the answers you have been seeking.  Reno reviews each submission and prepares for your personal consultation and is ready to discuss your individual home and your unique needs. You may find that she will not always recommend a house blessing or clearing, but practical advice that you can put into action immediately.

Contact Reno LongMoons Today for your Free Consultation.

Most often, house blessings or clearings are held on the weekend to ensure any additional time needed is available.  Reno does not charge for “additional” time.  She honors and respects each experience individually and knows each has specific special spiritual requirements.

House Blessing Check List
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