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Before Monti was a Tarot Professional

Who was Monti and how did she become a tarot reader?

Before Monti was a professional Intuitive Tarot Reader she was an Executive in the Oil & Gas industry for over a decade and held a professional position for many years prior.  Monti Kelly Tarot Readings - PsychicWorking in the corporate oil industry opened many doors and provided opportunities for her to travel the world.  However, Monti’s professional career was not providing the personal satisfaction she was seeking in her life. After years of encouraging signs from the universe to follow an intuitive path, in 2012 she decided to leave the corporate life and pursue a spiritual career.   Now she happily is offering her services to the many different types of beautiful souls in the world.

What is Monti like as a Reader?

Monti has a consultative approach which allows her to relate well to all different types of people and professionals. She engages each client’s reading with compassion, a down-to-earth attitude, a diverse perspective and offers positive options. She has the ability to create a trusting environment for you when seeking personal
answers.  She uses a combination of the Tarot cards along with messages from her spiritual guide.  Monti and her guide sometimes offer hard truths, opportunities to change and always a twist of humor.  You will find she brings tons of energy, fun and surprises to your session.

What should I expect from my reading?

Monti Kelly Tarot Readings - PsychicMonti’s readings do not feel scripted and she will not be able to give you the winning lotto numbers.  However, she will offer “real-world” advice and insight.  Be prepared for your reading to expose life choices, circumstances and personal relationships around you now.  She and her spirit guide are able to help you see the paths before you and the opportunities the universe is opening up for you to choose from.  She helps you understand the cards and offers constructive suggestions that you are able to walk away and enforce changes in your life today.

Monti’s readings cover a broad range of topics from board room issues, internet dating  to emotion or spiritual matters.  Your Tarot reading session will feel like Intuitive Counseling.  It not only cards laid on a table, the reading combines intuition, personal insight, wisdom, and guidance.

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