Monti Kelly Tarot Reading

Rates & Course Fees

 Tarot Reading Rates:Monti Kelly Tarot Reading Rates

$60.00   –   30-45 Minutes
$100.00   –   60-75 Minutes

Rates are for Personal Readings (Colorado Office), Phone Readings, Skype, or Other Video Chat Apps.

Monti has a consultative approach which allows her to relate well to all different types of people and professionals. She engages each client’s reading with compassion, a down-to-earth attitude, a diverse perspective and offers positive options. She has the ability to create a trusting environment for you when you’re seeking personal answers

Tarot Course Fees:

Tarot 101 – Learning the Path
  • Live Webinars – $350 / 5 Week Course
Tarot 201 – A Masterclass for Readers
Monti Kelly Tarot Class
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  • Live Webinars – $350 / 5 Week Course
Tarot 301 – The Professional Reader
  • Live Webinars – $350 / 5 Week Course

These classes are ideal for those who…

  • Are new to the world of Tarot and are ready to start exploring.
  • Those who are ready to taking “playing” with the cards to the next level and start reading them.
  • Are interested in taking their readings to a deeper or professional level.


Chakra Tarot Reading Rates:Monti Kelly Chakra Tarot