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What clients say about their reading

“I’ve seen Monti for readings twice over the last few years and she has been awesome!! She did my very first tarot card reading 3 years at an event and I saw her the following year. She was easy to talk with and made me feel comfortable. I would recommend her to anyone.”  ~ Shawn


“Monti is very generous with her time and how she approaches her readings. She makes sure she relates it back to her own life and reassures you that whatever we go through that we are all human and we all go through ups and downs. I always enjoy my time with Monti and am grateful I met her! She also has a wonderful laugh!” ~ Shezelle


“Thanks for a great reading! You kept it real and were on point with everything! I look forward to seeing you again.” ~ Camille


“I was facing a difficult decision in my life and unsure which direction to turn. I accidentally tumbled across Monti Kelly’s website and decided to give this tarot reading a try. Going with my gut instinct and against my somewhat rational Monti Kelly Intuitive Tarot Readingbrain may have been the best thing that could have happened to me. I am not really a talker, so I did not give much information about my then situation when we began the reading. Monti pointed my problem out immediately and accurately and then took the time to show me various options and outcomes to my dilemma. I believe she is amazingly intuitive and really understands her trade. That paired with her personality, honesty, and positive outlook made for a really extraordinary experience. I left feeling relieved and had the strength to handle what needed to be done. A few months later, since everything worked in my favor, pretty much the way she predicted it, I returned for some more guidance. Again, I had a wonderful and relaxing reading that revealed more about myself and situations around me than I imagined. I am so convinced in her abilities that I will continue to refer her to friends and family that may need a nudge in the right direction.”  ~ Andrea


“I had never done a reading before seeing Monti. To be honest I had little belief that it could possibly be real. I have been with her now for a couple of years and it doesn’t matter if we have a face to face or a phone session, she has always been right on the money! I have referred several people to her as well. Not only do you receive an accurate reading but get to be part of such a beautiful soul!!!”   ~ Darcy


“Had a great reading from Monti. She is great. Can’t wait for another reading!!”  ~  Denisha


“I had a reading by Monti tonight, I have to say I am impressed. She is very intuitive. She was on target about my life and where things are going. Very good guidance. I have been to many readers through the years and I highly recommend Monti. Book a reading. You will be glad you did!”  ~ Airie P.


“Monti is an amazing women who knows what she is doing! My husband and I met her in 2013 at a celebrations fair in Colorado Springs. When we sat down my husband was very skeptical until she started telling us stuff we were like WOW! Then she told me I would be pregnant and deliver a baby FEB. 2015! I was indeed pregnant with a due date of Feb. 16, 2015, she is a very talented, giving women. I will recommend her to anyone!” ~ Brittany

Monti Kelly Intuitive Tarot Reading
One of the many fairs you can catch Monti Kelly doing Tarot Readings.

“I went two days in a row, just to see Monti Kelly. The first day she was completely booked up and I had to schedule an appointments in advance to guarantee my spot. She is extremely accurate, the last time I saw her she had told me that someone close to me had sticky fingers, a month after my reading, I found out who it was. I never even imagined they were capable of doing something like that. Her readings are thorough and she doesn’t sugar coat things, she tells it exactly it is, she easily develops a rapport that is friendly and inviting.” ~ Amy 


“I had an amazing reading with you Monti Kelly at the BMS Celebration yesterday!!! Thank you so much for all your insight. I will definitely be seeing you again soon:)”  ~ Stacy 


“We had a great time today at the celebration fair, Monti Kelly is always dead on!”   ~  Brittany & Charles


“I want to tell you that I’ve done some of the things you told me to do and I truly feel the difference all ready.. The negative is subsiding.  I talk to my mom all the time and it truly feels a huge weight has been lifted…You are so awesome…”  ~  Cheryl G.


“Monti is amazing. I wanted to ask my girlfriend to marry me but didn’t know how to do it. I wanted it to be special and spent a very long time trying to decide how to do it. After spending a half hour talking to Monti it became clear how I should do it. I did it, and it was perfect. She loved it and said yes! THANK YOU MONTI!!!!!!”  ~  Anthony C. 


“I had a very ACCURATE reading by Ms. Monti. Amazingly one of the items that came up in discussion was an argument in my near future with a blonde male, and I said it was probably a blonde female. Nope Monti was right it was a blonde male within three days of this reading! As she predicted it all turned out fine in the end. 🙂 Get a reading folks…it’s light and bright and always positive. None of this doom and gloom stuff or you have to pay to have hexes removed. There is no monetary hidden agenda here, only answers to some questions, and ideas on how to further yourself.”  ~  Paula W.


“I have been too see Monti 3 times now and it’s amazing how right on the money she is about things that are going on in my life I would highly recommend her too any one; I just love her” ~ Cindy


“Ok folks! So this is for real….I just went to see Monti Kelly for the 5th or 6th time and no kidding when she lays my first cards on the table to begin she is right on the money. Sometimes I am totally amazed when she tells me what is actually going on in my life. I do not talk to her in between times at all. Some things I just have to leave alone because I am better off not knowing. You need to really give this a try. This is one of those cases in which I believe that is out of the natural realm and very much in the spiritual realm of things!!!” ~ Darcy H.