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What Does it Cost?

Monti Kelly Tarot PricesPricing on Monti Kelly’s Tarot services is just a click away.  Find out more about the different Tarot reading sessions offered.  You will also find pricing on the various Tarot courses that are currently available.


What Are People Saying?


“Monti Kelly is very generous with her time and how she approaches her readings…. I always enjoy my time with Monti and am grateful I met her!…” ~ Shezelle

“I had never done a reading before seeing Monti. To be honest I had little belief that it could possibly be real. I have been with her now for a couple of years and it doesn’t matter if we have a face to face or a phone session, she has always been right on the money! I have referred several people to her as well. Not only do you receive an accurate reading but get to be part of such a beautiful soul!!!”   ~ Darcy

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How do I schedule?

Ready to schedule your appointment? Click the icon to send off your requested time and date.  Someone on her team will get back to you shortly after. Monti offers all types of ways to connect for your reading. 505 Button

For those that are located in Colorado, you may contact her  for a personal appointment.

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